Creative Collisions 2014

Uniting for Young People
Thursday 6 November (doors open at 8:30am, opening plenary at 10:00am)
Copper Box, Olympic Park, London, E20 3HB

Following the success of the Creative Collisions conference in 2013, which energised over 500 people, the youth sector will once again unite on Thursday 6 November. The partnership has grown to be 10 organisations strong and our exciting venue, The Copper Box at the Olympic Park, ensures we can deliver something unique and unexpected to 1,000 delegates this year.

The event will feature stimulating opportunities to hear from Lisa Nandy MP, Shadow Minister for Civil Society, BBC3’s Rick Edwards, Brie Rogers Lowery from and Lucy-Anne Holmes, Founder of No More Page 3. We also expect that the new Minister for Civil Society, Rob Wilson MP, will honour the commitment of his predecessor and speak at the conference and we hope to announce further speakers soon. This year will, for the first time, include workshops which bring more than one partner together in the true spirit of Creative Collisions, confirmed workshops include:

  • MindEd, e-Portal and The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health workshop on early intervention in mental health
  • BYC, London Youth, vInspired and UK Youth debate on young people’s engagement in democracy
  • NYA, UK Youth and vInspired workshop on securing social action funding
  • Leap Confronting Conflict and The Foyer Federation workshop on the impact of innovation
  • NCVYS and NUS workshop on innovative approaches to membership
  • Mentor workshop on its Youth Insight Project to develop policies with young people to prevent harm caused by drugs and alcohol

The event will also host an expanded fringe element that will provide the perfect atmosphere to stimulate thought provoking discussions. including practical sessions for young people with writing CVs, campaigning and opportunities to try toolkit activities. It will also host fantastic opportunities to hear from organisations including Sports Leaders, Youth Employment UK and Breaking the Cycle. The programme will include sparky debates, learning labs to catalyse change and a vibrant market place providing plenty of opportunity for delegates to meet, engage and collide with new ideas and organisations.

Taking place during Youth Work Week, Creative Collisions will draw together the force of ten youth organisations and networks; British Youth Council, the Foyer Federation, Leap Confronting Conflict, London Youth, National Citizen Service (NCS), NUS, National Youth Agency (NYA), the National Council for Voluntary Youth Services (NCVYS), UK Youth and vInspired.

The conference will explore three themes:

  • Impact & Innovation
  • Social citizens
  • Life, work & the future

Within each theme it will ask:

  • What kind of workforce do we need?
  • What kind of leadership do we need?
  • What kind of partnerships do we need?
  • What kind of investment do we need?
  • And how will we know we’re succeeding?

The conference aims to bring together key sector decision makers, practitioners and young people to debate these. Through collective action the conference will build consensus around creative solutions for young people, sending clear messages to policy makers that investment in young people is necessary and pays.


bycblueBubble Foyer London Youth ncsblueBubbleNCVYS NUS NYA UK Youth vInspired

10 thoughts on “Creative Collisions 2014

  1. Good Afternoon Colleagues,

    I would like to ask if you are having a space for stalls? The Daneford Trust ( would like to have a stall, if there is a chance. We have two people attending as delegates.

    I’d be grateful if you could let me know.


    Tony Stevens
    Coordinator, The Daneford Trust

  2. Propaganda day for the neo-liberal youth movement. Wouldn’t go to this if you paid ME £25 or £25,000. Why on earth are they charging. Youth organisations and youth workers are fighting cuts as it is. Fight for REAL youth work! Not pseudo corporate occupation of young peoples time in more neoliberal and capitalist indoctrination.

    • Thanks for the comments Finn. We’d love to put the conference on for free but we think that asking for a small contribution helps get attendees to commit to the event. The organisers are already subsidising the event so that we have a venue, speakers and lunch and can create something that the youth sector can be proud of. We know that as a country we have been failing to reach all young people and as sector leaders we share the responsibility for this and recognise that we must do better and improve our own practice. Which is why we’re holding this conference, in the hope that it will bring diverse voices together in a common cause to ensure that every young person is able to meet their full potential.

      • Finn, REAL youth worth, as you put it means giving access to all young people regardless of their social, religious or political background. I attended this last year and the young people there were being given real life experience of activities they would not otherwise have, and real life exposure to a range of youth workers from all backgrounds; this was clearly valuable. In addition there were young people there who had grown through gang and violence related youths and were offering their insights into what many youth have to face today. Not going and/or criticizing those who do as being neo liberal or capitalist shows your limitations, not ours…..

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