Creative Collisions 2013

LeapCC London Youth NCVYS NUS NYA Foyer UK Youth vInspired

Continuing the momentum around Creative Collisions

Visual report

Creative Collisions means to me:

Hear more from Rosie Ferguson (London Youth), Tom Lawson (Leap Confronting Conflict), Ben Kernighan (NUS) and Jane Slowey (Foyer Federation).

A downloadable conference programme is available.

This one day conference saw 500 delegates, those energised by young people, harnessing the energy of the youth sector, to create sparks, momentum and change.

Collision – a definition:  a brief dynamic event consisting of the close approach of two or more particles resulting in a change of momentum or exchange of energy.  

The fast moving conference programme included debates to stimulate reaction, learning labs to catalyse change, and a market place with plenty of opportunity for delegates to bump into someone or something energising.

Collision theory tells us that for a reaction to occur it is necessary for particles to collide with each other.

Three broad learning strands ran throughout the day, covering leadership, practice and outcomes, and skills. They created a mix of opportunities for young people, volunteers, professionals, politicians and policy makers, managers, training providers, learning institutions and companies.

The conference was a joint venture organised by Leap Confronting Conflict, London Youth, NCVYS, NUS, NYA, The Foyer Federation, UK Youth and vInspired.


1 thought on “Creative Collisions 2013

  1. This was an outstanding and inspirational event which despite funding limitation demonstrates the vitality and vision of the sector.

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